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Beth Fisher, CPA, CMA 


Beth is a Certified Executive Coach and a Business Coach who focuses on growing both the company and the people who are the heart and soul of the organization. She believes that having a growth mindset is key to achieving your exponential goals. 

 She has a unique ability to work with a wide variety of entrepreneurs, across industries, and help keep them on track. She does this by listening with an ear for understanding, asking questions to get to the root of an issue, and then helping leaders to create practical strategies and implementation plans to achieve the vision. She takes 'pie in the sky' thinking and will provide the support to help make it happen.

As a Business Growth Coach I will bring my experience as an entrepreneur and the use of leading industry tools and implementation systems found in The 3HAG Way™, The Metronome Effect and Scaling Up.

As a member of the leadership team working with Shannon Susko at both Paradata and Subserveo, where The 3HAG Way™ Strategic Execution System was created, she experienced firsthand how the system will help to scale up a business. 

Leveraging that experience she Co-Founded a successful commercial services company operating in the energy sector in Alberta giving her a deep understanding of what it takes to operate a business as both an owner and a leader.

 As a Chief Financial Officer she has worked with several early stage companies to help develop their business models and to implement the necessary financial controls and processes to ensure an organization’s success in scaling up and taking their product to market.

Beth has served on the Board of Dress for Success in Vancouver and has volunteered with the Habitat for Humanity Global Build program in India and Nepal, combining her love of travel and desire to give back to other humans who may need a helping hand.

When Beth is not working with leaders to grow their business you can find her in the mountains skiing and biking or on the water with a paddle in her hands.